Always remember, the importance of diagnosis of a heart attack if the pain is severe and long - see your doctor immediately. 2) miliary endometrium completely metal materials in the diet of pregnant women should have important place calcium, iron, magnesium, copper and cobalt. It increases the body\'s need for calcium in women during pregnancy of 300 mg per day period. This happens as a result of an increase in calcium excretion of urine also occurs in a balanced, healthy diet. These read the article finasteride requirements are usually increased absorption (absorbance) of calcium from food overlap. Regardless of the presence of pregnancy in women over 18 years, the daily requirement for calcium is 1300 mg, and between 18 and 50 years - 1000 mg. The natural course of bone marrow and nervous system, heart and fetal muscle calcium in the body of pregnancy must act on. When calcium deficiency and development of a neurological vegetative deviation, which can lead to a delay in fetus development poisoning.